Chairmans Message

Corner Stars Advertising and Design LLC aim to deliver compelling advertising campaigns to help you reach your objective and targets, while touching the lives of your consumers, regardless of the medium. Whether you’re trying to gain new consumers, increase your brand’s awareness or increase sales with your existing consumers, we believe it all starts from a great idea.

With the rise of digital media consumption, consumers are now empowered and have an opportunity to interact with brands, thus making advertising a conversation between brands and customers.

Corner Stars Advertising and Design LLC delivers custom-built solutions specifically designed to suit your business needs. We are proud to have been entrusted with delivering some of the major IT projects In the region.

I am immensely proud of Corner Stars Advertising and Design and its employees and the progress that we have made so far. They have excelled in maintaining the high levels of professional standards expected from them. Corner Stars had consistently good financial performance. The company's operations are self-financed without incurring debt. The quality of business generated is excellent and contract renewals approach the 100% level.

We have been focused in delivering top talent and state-of-art solutions at a reasonable and competitive price. The company often supplements its staff and its capabilities with business partners that include the most respected large and small businesses in the IT industry. Also, as our customer base continues to grow, we are constantly adding skilled professionals to our team.

We remain committed to providing high-value solutions and services for our customers. We thank you for your support of our people, our solutions and our company, and look forward to continuing our relationships.

Saeed Ahmed Hamed Abdulla Al Mazrouei