Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage is a network of customizable digital displays that can be electronically controlled. The content including the video can be updated remotely and ensures efficient, effective, targeted messaging possible.

Corner Stars Computers provides advanced software for connected signage and advertising management. Our team can deliver an end to end solution, from design to installation and maintenance that can be personalized to meet your unique requirements.

Triotrix is an end to end enterprise ready Digital Signage Software solution that's easy to use and maintain. The next-generation display solution using our 3D enabled displays, video, images and content appear to pop-off the screen and float in mid-air. Triotrix is a very user friendly and stable system that would enable your organization to :

  • Increase revenue while saving the costs associated with static signage
  • Centrally manage your message on a single display or several displays in any number of world-wide locations
  • Provide most up-to-date, interactive and real-time messaging customized to your target audience